4month 28,The Party Committee of the School of Computer 2024 European Cup scheduleand Communication Engineering held a mobilization deployment meeting for party discipline learning and education in the conference room 214。Member of the College Party Committee、Secretary of the Party branch attended the meeting,The meeting was chaired by Li Jie, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy。

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Li Jie led everyone to concentrate on the "Notice on Carrying out Party Disciplinary Learning Education in the entire 2024 European Cup live scoresParty",conveyed the work requirements of the school's party committee on carrying out party disciplinary study and education; detailed interpretation of the "Party Disciplinary Learning Education Work Plan for the School of Computer 2024 European Cup scheduleand Communication Engineering",and deploy the college's development of party discipline and education。

Conference emphasized,Party discipline learning and education is an important political task for party building this year,All party members should raise political standing,Deep understanding the significance of carrying out party discipline and education 2024 European Cup live scoresin the whole party。Tightly request the target,Grasp the party discipline study and education。Adhere to personal self -study and centralized learning dual -pronged approach,Warning education and cultural cultivation two -wheel drive,Combining party discipline learning and education with the spirit of important replying to all teachers and students of Northeast University for the implementation of party discipline learning,Effectively transform the learning effectiveness into promoting college、School high -quality development results。

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