May 12,The School of Computer and Communication Engineering invited Teacher Li Lifeng of the Customs Working Committee to make the theme party class of "Learn the Twenty of the Party in the New Era",125 party school students from the college participated in the party class。

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Li Lifeng revolves around "take the foundation of unswervingly listening to the party and the party 2024 European Cup standingsas the foundation", "to take the great ideal as the motivation of life", "the courage to bear the responsibility", "to develop a character that can suffer hardships", "always to always Five aspects of the spiritual state of being willing to struggle,Guide students to use the party's scientific theory to armed the brain through rich and vivid cases、Guidance practice,It is necessary to embrace ideals and be down -to -earth,Delivery to do ideals、Dare to take responsibility、Can suffer hard、A new 2024 European Cup scheduleera of willing to struggle。

Through this party lesson,Students have a deeper understanding of the mission of Chinese youth in the new era and the future development direction。Everyone said,Strive hard,Raise the ability to serve the people,Contribute youth for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

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