To further understand the development dynamics and needs of young teachers,2024 European Cup standingsHelp young teachers grow,May 24,Our hospital held a seminar on young teachers in the conference room 1412 of the Comprehensive Experimental Building。Member of the Leading Team of the College、Director of the department and 11 young teachers attended the meeting,Li Jie, Secretary of the Party Committee of the College Prested by Meeting。

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Will on the way,Li Jie pointed out that the college attaches great importance to the growth of young teachers,The purpose of this meeting is to listen to the voice of young teachers,Condensing the development consensus of the college,I hope that young teachers will combine their own work,2024 European Cup live scoresTalk about feelings,Make suggestions,Planning for the development of the college。

Subsequent,The teaching task of young teachers around the undertaking、Current scientific research progress、Existing difficulties in work and life and related suggestions to introduce one by one。Related work responsible comrades in office、Instructor selection conditions、High -level Talent Support Plan、Teaching requirements and other policies are interpreted in turn,and answer questions raised by young teachers。

Last,Dean Song Xin emphasized that young teachers are the vital army of the college,Determine the 2024 European Cup live scoresfuture of the college,and put forward my ardent hope to young teachers from three aspects: First, adhere to the original intention of education,Yong Duke the mission of educating people,The majority of young teachers should take the "four" good teachers as the standard,Efforts to become a teacher who is satisfied with the party and the people。The second is to broaden the academic vision,Find the research direction,Encourage young teachers to "go global,Please come in ",Strengthen cooperation and exchange,Improve scientific research ability。Third, we must make a good plan for,Moving in the hard 2024 European Cup football scoreswork,Clear goal,踔,Du Ying,Successful in the officer,Capital in growth。

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