To strengthen the cultural construction of the college,Shape the cultural connotation of the college,To better highlight the characteristics of the college running school,Effectively enhance the sense of recognition of teachers and students in the hospital、A sense of belonging and honor,Decided to carry out the college training collection activities in the entire EURO 2024 Qualifiers2024 European Cup standingshospital,Sincerely hope for all teachers and students、Alumni actively participate。The relevant matters are notified as follows:

I. Call for objects

Teachers and students of the whole hospital and alumni

2, solicit time

The notice will be announced from the date of announcement to2023Year10month12Day

Three, solicitation requirements

According to the college profile(/c1/xyjj.htm)and the following specific requirements for creation.

(1) Connotation requirements。Implement the party's education policy; adhere to "self -improvement、Knowledge and Film One "school motto; fully reflect the characteristics of the college running characteristics,Demonstrate the professional characteristics of the college,Reflecting the spirit of the college and the style of the times; profound meaning,Vivid level,Anti -compassion and cohesion,It can play 2024 European Cup football 2024 European Cup standingsscoresthe effect of motivating teachers and students to continue。

(2) Form requirements。Language condensation,Combined against the battle,Langlang mouth,8-16Words should be.

(3) Attachment for text formats, words and meanings, etc.500Detailed text description within words.

4. Submission method and requirements

1.The content of the submission of the college is usedwordorPDFForm send

2.Submitted works must be named the author's name、Unit、Contact number and other content,Delivery named after email。Name method example:Zhang San+College training solicitation

5. Selection and reward methods

1.After the solicitation is over,The college will organize the review team to select the solicitation works。

2. The college will be based on the quality and quantity of submitted 2024 European Cup football scoresEURO 2024 Qualifiersworks,Selection first、Second class、Third class、Several excellent prizes,Give prizes,The award plan has the opportunity to become a reference for the final plan,If the ideal effect is not achieved,If the award is vacant。

6. Note

1.The author should ensure the originality of the collection of works,If it involves plagiarism or other infringements,Affordable to the provider of the work。

2.After submission, it is deemed to agree that the college has the integration of the design plan、Modification and other rights,At the same time, the author should actively cooperate with modification。

3.Once the work is adopted,Copyright Return to the School of Computer and Communication Engineering All。

4.The School of Computer and Communication Engineering reserves the right to 2024 European Cup scheduleinterpret the final interpretation of this solicitation。


School of Computer and Communication Engineering



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