According toSchool notification,To do a good job in the school's excellent graduates from graduate students from studying for graduate school,Combined with the actual situation of the college,Develop "School of Computer and Communication Engineering2024Annual Recommended Excellent Fresh Graduate Students Exempted Graduate Selection Implementation Measures ",Specific arrangements are as follows:

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persistence"Knowledge、Ability、Quality Examination、Comprehensive evaluation、Selecting selection "work policy,Strictly follow EURO 2024 Qualifiersthe 2024 European Cup live scoresstandard; adhere to "fairness、Justice、Public "principle,Strictly follow the program。

2. Remove work organization

College Establishment of Computer and Communication Engineering College Recommend an excellent undergraduate graduate from the graduate school selection team (hereinafter referred to as the college exemption student selection team) and the defense expert group (hereinafter referred to asCollege defense expert group), responsible for the organization and implementation of the selection of students from our hospital.

(1) College exemption from student selection work group

by the dean as the team leader,Member is by the secretary、Deputy Dean and Director of the Department、Director of Teaching and Research Office、Director of the School Office。

(2) College defense expert group

Expened Expert Expert requirements:

1.Associate Professor and above, the number of people is not less than7people, and the number;

2.High thought quality,Love post dedication,Table of Teachers,Caring for 2024 European Cup standings2024 European Cup football scoreslove for students,With the spirit of innovation、Practical experience and strong student guidance ability;

3.Defense Expert Group If there are relatives to participate in the selection of exemption,should be avoided actively;

4.Randomly extraction before the defense starts.

3, quota allocation principle

The college considers the number of fresh graduates in accordance with the school's exemption quota、Talent training model reform needs、Focus on the development of the subject majors that are urgently needed and the registration and admission in recent years will be allocated to all majors。

The specific details are as follows:


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4. Registration conditions

Meeting the basic conditions specified in the recommendation of the "Details of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering on Recommended Excellent Introduction to Graduate Students",Those who meet one of the following conditions can apply for recommendation selection:

1Diligent learning, 2024 European Cup live scoreshard work, excellent grades, academic performanceGPA (Total average academic performance point)Pre -professional ranking30%

2、Strong innovative consciousness、Innovation ability,The main player of the competition team who won the first prize and above in the five -star and above competition,"National University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program" excellent project,and academic performanceGPA (Total average academic performance point)Pre -professional ranking50%

Exemption is divided into two categories: ordinary and innovative special categories。Where,Follow the above1Students who can voluntarily choose to apply for normal category and innovation special category for exemption,But only one of them can be selected; GPARanking in30%-50%Meeting No.2Students required to register for innovation special categories can be exempted.

Five,Working process arrangement

Northeast University Qinhuangdao Branch

2024Annual exemption work process arrangement form 

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2024 European Cup football scores2024 European Cup scheduleOther unspecified matters are collegeRecommended excellent undergraduate graduates to exempt the graduate selection working group in accordance with relevant documents



 School of Computer and Communication Engineering


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