To do it well2024Grade new students' various management work,Let the freshmen master the school better、The rules and regulations of the hospital,Adapt to college life as soon as possible,Reasonable planning college career,The college decides to carry out2024Level Freshmen Assistant Assistant Selected Hiring,The notification of the specific matters is as follows:

1. Select the hired object

School of Computer and Communication Engineering20222023Level all at school students

2. Selected hire quota

Each new student class2name

3. Conditions for application:

(1) Good learning and excellent,Ideological and political awareness high,Strong organizational discipline and self -restraint ability,Good academic performance,Ideological and moral assessment in the past two semesters is before the class50%

(2) There is a strong language expression ability,Good body and psychological quality,Can play an example in the freshness,Can guide freshmen to carry out college career planning;

(3) There are strong organizational management, communication and coordination capabilities,Strong student management work enthusiasm、The sense of responsibility and dedication,Active active work,Sustainable guidance and help to the freshmen;

2024 European Cup schedule(4) Under the same conditions,Party member、Persons such as the party activists and other personnel preferred。

4. Selection and hiring process

(1) Registration and primary selection

Eligible students please2024year5month20Day24:00Previous "Application Form for the School of New Student Counselor of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering", "Computer and Communication Engineering Assistant Information Statistics Form" in the form of compressed packageSend, the compressed package is named professional-Class-Name, addQQGroup208620122, Remarks Professional-Class-Name,The college will make preliminary screening according to the actual performance of the classmates。

(2) Written test and interview

The college set up an assessment team,Written and interviews with students who pass the preliminary selection。

(3) Examination

2024 European Cup scheduleThe college assessment team inspected the students who passed the primary election.

(4) Public announcement and recruitment

Combined with written test results、Interview performance、Daily performance、Examination period performance and other comprehensive situation,The college publicize the candidate to be hired,After the announcement has no objection,Give officially hire,The college will conduct unified training of the counselor assistant later。



1. 1. Assistant to the freshmen counselor of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering

2.Application Form for Assistant 2024 European Cup standingsAssistant to the School of Computer and Communication Engineering

3.Computer and communication engineeringCollege Freshmen Counselor Assistant Information Statistics Form


School of Computer and Communication Engineering

Student Work Office

May 14, 2024

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