Since the start of the 2024 freshman counselor's assistant selection 2024 European Cup football 2024 European Cup schedulescoreson May 15th,Volunteer registration、Written test、Interview and other links,Members of the Presidium and New Student Counselor of the Student Organization of the College participation in the whole process、Under supervision,Combined with the actual work and comprehensive consideration,The results of the proposed hire will be announced as follows:

2024 European Cup football scores

2024 European Cup live scores

Public announcement period, June 19, June 19 to June 21, 2024,If there is any 2024 European Cup football scores2024 European Cup standingsobjection to the results of the above intended to be hired,Please be fed back to the Student Work Office of the School of Institute of Technology during the publicity period。

School of Computer and Communication Engineering

Student Work Office

June 19, 2024

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