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To establish a typical,Commendation advanced,Comprehensively promote 2024 European Cup football scoresthe collective construction of the class,Decided to grant the following class "Outstanding Class Collective Class" honorary titles

l  Electronic Information Engineering 21513 Class



(1) Academic performance

Level 4 passes 100%,ranked among the top professional。In the past 6 semesters,Average of three consecutive semester classes in the first major。64 scholarships in the school level and above,Among them, 7 times the national -level scholarship。

(2) Science and Technology atmosphere

Class science and technology atmosphere is strong,The results are harvested,Cumulative 46 students participated in various types of science and technology competitions,A total of 16 awards have been won for 16 times,Also classmates applied to the country for patent (2 items) and published papers (3 articles) for their own invention 。

(3) Student work and social practice

Electronic Information Engineering 21513 League Branch Construction and Social Practice Work is also in place,I have won the "2016 May 4th Red Banner Group Branch Model"、"2017 Vitality Group Branch"、"2018 Outstanding Class collective" honorary title。Class students In student work and various volunteer activities,Get commended 38 times。

l  Electronic Information Engineering 1602 Class



Computer and Communication Engineering School of Electronic Information Engineering 1602,Is a positive upward、Collective of solidarity and forbearance。

2024 European Cup football scoresThe passing rate of the final exam assessment is more than 90%,And most students have obtained inspirational scholarships、School scholarship、Three Good Students、Outstanding League Member、Other awards and other awards。

Students in schools and colleges,This class is also a talent,Work performance of work performance,Some students are the Minister of the Organization Department of the Student Union of the College,Minister of Learning Department,Minister of Psychological Development Department of the Student Union,In addition, there are many students in the community。

l  Class 1603 communication engineering



1. Class work

Class Committee work solidly、Division of each Division,Learning from classmates in charge of class、Life、Psychological and other aspects。Class Committee regularly organizes all kinds of files,Writing materials,The file category is clear,Complete content,Summary of valuable experience lessons in the process of bringing in class,Digital forms such as the establishment of a class in the class,Save good class album、Class Video and other valuable information,Leave good memories for the class。

2. Learning results

Communication Engineering 1603 Class 1603 learning atmosphere is good,Students are modest and easy to EURO 2024 Qualifierslearn,mutual help。Academic performance average is ranked among the top professional,Level 4 pass rate 87.87%。Three students' comprehensive performance points enter the top 10 grade,Among them, the classmate of Bu Fan ranks first。Cumulative school -level scholarship 25 people。

3, scientific research innovation

Class 1603 Class 1603 Class science and technology innovation results harvested,This is closely related to the technology advocated by the counselor is the learning goal of the first productive forces,Cumulative 23 students participated in various science and technology competitions at all levels,A total of 31 awards have been won,Among them, 3 times the national -level award,Provincial awards 13 times。

4. Student work

Communication Engineering 1603 Study Party Constitution together、Tuanzhang and Outstanding Party Member、The advanced deeds of the members,Class has 3 preparatory party members,7 entry -party activists participate in training and qualify。3 outstanding members,Excellent class cadres 2 people,Sanhao students 2 people。Social Practice in Sanxia Township、In the volunteer service of the coal trading conference,Cumulative obtaining about 20 commendations。

In terms of school -level students,My class has a classmate as the Deputy Minister of the Publicity of the Association of the Association,Director EURO 2024 Qualifiersof the Network Center of the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party Committee,Vice Minister of WeChat Department of the School Youth Volunteer Association。

l  Class 1604 communication engineering



I. Correct learning attitude, establish excellent learning style

Class cumulatively awarded 20 people.

2. Student cadres show their magical powers, and students' activities are colorful

Students in schools and colleges,My class is also a talent,Chairman of the Student Union of the College,Director of the School Comprehensive Office,Supervision of the Ministry of Life Department,Supervision of the Organization Department of the Hospital,Deputy Minister of the Network Department of the Court,Deputy Minister of the Court of Court of Creative Association、Deputy Minister of the Information Department of the Academy

3、Strengthening the construction of the class,The quality of the student cadre team is quickly improved

My class is extremely cohesive,There is a united and capable cadre team,There is a higher prestige among classmates、influence and appeal,Can fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of students,Organize various activities and complete various tasks。Students in the class also have a strong sense of collective honor,Care collective,Consciously safeguarding collective interests,Actively participate in collective activities。

l  Computer Science and Technology 1603 



2024 European Cup standings1. Ideological and political education as a lead, establish a good class style

My class actively carries out the class party building work,Participate in various political activities organized in the college,Pay attention to interaction and practice in learning,Adhere to the combination of theory and reality。

Second, a correct learning attitude, and establish an excellent style.

Students can clarify the purpose of learning,Correct learning attitude; diligent and hard work in learning,The overall learning status of the class is good,The first semester academic performance average 80 points or more,Excellent results。In terms of science and technology, my classmates also achieved good results。

Third, student cadres each showed magical powers, and students' activities are colorful.

Watching these excellent classes collectively and the bits and pieces of the class with excellent learning,What supports them is full of enthusiasm and youth in the young bones,They work together,Not afraid of difficulties and bumps,Looking forward to one day of their excellent light,They will use the most gorgeous youth to light up a beautiful life! Write a brilliant chapter for the development and progress of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering!

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