They meet in the vast sea of ​​people,More lucky to be in the same class,From unfamiliar to kind,From ignorance to maturity,Youth of the Five Lakes and Four Seas,Different character,Each characteristic vitality,Youth and hot heart,Thirstyus for learning,Heat of dreams,It forms these strong learning styles、Excellent collective,Let's follow Xiaozheng to appreciate their excellent style。To establish a typical,Commendation advanced,Comprehensively promote the collective construction of the class,Decision to award the following class "Honor Class Grade Model" honorary titles。

Electronic Information Engineering 21512 Class


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Class Monthly according to the hotspot of the EURO 2024 Qualifierscurrent political hotspot and the school league committee of the school league committee.,Carry out a special theme class meeting according to the class of classmates,Encourage classmates to develop personality,Improve class cohesion。During three years,With the continuous efforts of classmates,Class has obtained "2016 May 4th Red Banner Group Branch Paper","2017 Vitality Group Branch","2017 Excellent Class Collective"and other 4 group honors.


2. Diligence and studying, dare to be people first

Under the leadership of the class committee,Class learning atmosphere is good,Class classmates hard work、mutual help。Class creatively established Xueba Assistance Group,Each group is brought lead by classmates with better academic performance,mutual help,Common progress。Pioneer "Class Star"activity,Students of incentive class students study hard,Dare to be the first。As of the current class accumulatedSchool comprehensive scholarship 40 people,National Inspirational Scholarship 4 people,3 people have been sent to graduate students for graduate students,Among them, Hang Jinquan was guaranteed to be sent to Peking University to study for graduate students。


3. Scientific and technological innovation, climb the peak

In the past three years,With the efforts of the class committee,Class has also formed a strong science and technology atmosphere,The results of science and technology innovation are harvested,Cumulative 60 students participated in various science and technology competitions at all levels,A total of more than 40 awards at the school level and above,Among them, more than 16 national awards,More than 10 provincial awards,National Patent 1,SCI papers 1,1 periodical of journal papers,Among them, Hang Jinquan won the national first prize of the National Smart Vehicle Competition (Baoyan) Label Group、First Prize of Creative Group,Wang 2024 European Cup scheduleJiajia、Li Chen won the Mathematical Modeling Competition of the International College Students (Baoye Competition) M Prize。


Three years after walking,They know each other,Three years after walking,They fight hard,Three years after walking,Class 21512 Each student is working hard to meet the future with a better attitude。

Computer Science and Technology 1605 Class

1. Brief introduction

Computer Science and Technology 1605 Class 1605 in the past year,We are struggling to strengthen、Pentamment,Unity,Unyielding,Getting rich achievements in academic and scientific and technological innovation。Also with a strong sense of responsibility and collective honor,firmly work hard to turn computer science and technology 1605 into a better class collective。


The picture shows Cao Lu of the first class meeting, Cao Lu, speech

2. Thoughts

The main position of computer science and technology 1605 League branch committee,Under the active leadership of Cao Lu, secretary of the Youth League branch,Through the monthly group day activity,Education of socialist core values ​​for all branch members。

Class members actively move closer to the party organization,Push excellence to join the party and join the group with significant results。The Duan branch book actively made the registered registered registered、Group fee collection、and the development of the group day。Class members 33 people,Among them, 32 people are members of the group,Multi -person submitting an application for admission to the party。At present, there are 3 activists who have joined the party in the class; 5 members of the reserve party members。

Three. Learning style  

In learning life,The classmates all show high enthusiasm and enthusiasm。For more than a year,Students encourage each other,Help each other。Actively participate in various cultural and sports activities organized by the college、Courtyard、School -level innovation 2024 European Cup scheduleand entrepreneurship competitions and other activities, as well as active self -study in spare time,The students have developed a professional knowledge,Think about the learning habits of professional issues。

For a year,The whole class is a correct learning attitude,Pay close attention to learning,received praise from the teacher;,We also set up a series of rewards and penalties,I believe through the efforts of all of our members,We can definitely build our class into a group that loves learning and more united。

Biomedical Engineering 1601

1. Class cohesion construction

Class committee campaign everyone actively runs,I hope I can infect my classmates with my own meager power。Fortunately to become classmates of the class committee,Strive to ask yourself in the following year,It played a good leading role for students,Not only actively undertake various tasks and work,and among the best; but failing to become a classmate of the class committee,I am also doing my best to do my own division,and often actively help the class committee to solve problems。This makes the cohesion of our class unprecedented。

Second,Class collective activities,As the leading class of our professional,Every time the school or the hospital has related activities, our class is actively participating,Two Qinhuangdao International Marathon Volunteer Recruitment Activities,Two -thirds of our classmates will participate in our class,All students in the class are all participating,These aspects are deeply reflected in the group of students who love this collective。


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2. Class ideas and culture construction

In addition to our usual learning,It is also building our unique class culture,The collective collective is the truly powerful collective。

Since the completion of biomedicine 1601,Countless honors obtained by our class and individuals,We collectively improve forward,I won the pacesetter of the May 4th Red Banner Regiment in 2017,The following is a brief deed:

EURO 2024 Qualifiers(1) Our branch has a complete organization and sound working system;

(2) The work of the regiment is highly carried out,Team Day activities are colorful;

(3) "League Branch Work Manual" is rich in content,Group fees pay timely,League member education evaluation work regularly,Strictly follow the annual registered registered registered registered registered registered group registration and the registered registered rate of group membership reaches 100 %,Volunteer registration rate reaches 100 %;

(4) Seriously organize the theme group day activity、Democratic Life Meeting、Group lesson、The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China、The 17th National Congress of the CPC's spiritual learning activities and theme education practice activities,and extensively absorb the opinions of members of the Youth League branch,Every day, you will first solicit the opinions of you members,Follow the guiding ideology of the superior group branch;

(5) Organize members of the Youth League branch to participate in the Games、Art Festival and other collective activities;

(6) Our group branch actively finds weak,Promoting advantages,Start from the most important learning aspect,Common rectification class learning style,This is well reflected in academic performance,Hang Keke has decreased from 48 to 16.

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Third, class style construction

1601 Class has paid attention to the construction of the class in the past year,Both class committees and classmates are actively creating a learning atmosphere,Due to the special circumstances set by our class,So the number of hanging subjects in our class in the early stage is more,But the positive efforts of the students in the later period,Our class is convenient for learning and keeping progress。

(2018 1601 scholarship gain)

2024 European Cup standings  

No matter how hard it is before,We will all keep going, 1601 has always been an excellent collective,We must go the best,The farthened from walking。

Electronic Information Class 1703

2024 European Cup schedule

1. Rich activity, unity and orderly

In the whole school year 2024 European Cup live scoresof the freshman year,Electronic Information Class 1703 Class 11 Class Committee Division of Work Clear,Life is very happy。Under the leadership of Zhang Jianxin, secretary of the Youth League branch,My class will regularly launch a group day activity every month。League branch construction work is very smooth,In the commendation of May 4th,I got "May 4th Red Banner Group Branch"honorary title and"Vitality Group Branch"honorary title。In the campus safety week activities,We organize the classmates to learn from campus safety knowledge,and won the fifth place for good results。

2. Positive and enthusiastic, fight for the first time

My class is also actively participating in sports activities,At the hospital Games,Whether it is a sports competition or a press release,Numerous awards,Get itOne group first place, the second place in the group, once "Best Pay release”。In the school sports meeting,My class has contributed a lot of excellent athletes for the School of Computer and Communication Engineering,Among them, Zhang Yuwei won the title of excellent athlete。Literary aspect,Academy Debate Team、Speaking Team、The recitation team has a member of my class,In the competition such as the English short drama competition,My class also actively participates and obtains the ranking。

EURO 2024 Qualifiers

Three, excellent learning style, positive attitude

In the most important aspects of learning,My class is not backward。My class has always learned good style,Active learning for learning,The first semester of the first semester of the first semester ranks thirdThe first 30 of the year of the year of the year of the freshman year occupied 5 people, whereZhao Zhixiang is a good result with the third performance pointThere are also more than a dozen students who have received scholarships.


This is the electronic information class 1703,A unity group for a comprehensive development of all aspects,I think we have the power to take on the title of "Excellent Class Collective" 2024 European Cup football scoresof the hospital level。

They are the men's pacesetter,It is also a splendid starlight,Their existence,It will bring more glory to the School of Computer and Communication Engineering,Guide more students to become talented!  

Editor in charge: Li Xiaoyu

Text Source: Shi Bowen、Electronic Information Engineering 21512 Class、Biomedical Engineering 1601、Electronic Information Class 1703、Computer Science and Technology 1605 Class

Picture Source: Electronic Information Engineering 21512 Class、Biomedical Engineering 1601、Electronic Information Class 1703、Computer Science and Technology 1605 Class

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