EURO 2024 QualifiersE member of the IT service studio of E butler is composed of the school's social practice and volunteer department of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering。Since its establishment,E butler IT service studio takes relevant services with professional advantages。Since its launch in October 2010,Volunteer services have been carried out for 12 years。During the period,Studio members always serve teachers and students、Exercise improves membership ability as service goals,Adhere to the principle of "I do practical things for teachers and students",It has always provided free computer repair for teachers and students of the school、Optimized and software installation and other services,Provided great convenience for teachers and students at school,It is well received by all teachers and students。

At the same time,The studio is mainly based on a fixed -point duty class、Online and offline answering questions、Appointment for foreign work and other forms,Comprehensive、Provide related professional services for teachers and students。A large -scale outdoor computer maintenance and optimization activity 2024 European Cup standingsof more than two times per academic year,Publicize the popularization of computer usage knowledge and related skills while solving actual computer problems,Improve the experience of teachers and students。

E butler IT service studio is also constantly strengthening team construction,Optimize and improve from many aspects。

In terms of management,Introduction Volunteer Exchange APP,Scientific management,Real -time recording,Let volunteer repair can be realized; in terms of technology,I will conduct professional training on team members regularly,Exchange learning at the same time in the team,Share experience,Explore innovation,Solve the problem,constantly solid team hard power; in terms of service innovation,Actively connect with computer studio under the student startup of Qinhuangdao Branch of Northeast University,Optimized software service,Expand hardware service,To better meet the needs of teachers and students; in terms of development,It has been focusing on popularizing the common sense of computers to teachers and students in 2016、Operation skills。Reduce the emergence of unnecessary computer problems 2024 European Cup schedulefrom the source of use habits,Improve the experience of teachers and students,To better do good deeds for teachers and students、Try to do it、Solve the problem。

So far,E steward IT service studio has developed into computer repair、Related technical talent training、Large -scale volunteer service organizations that are popular in computer knowledge,Each member in the team will do their best to serve teachers and students,Drives a good campus atmosphere,Inspiring more youths into the ranks of volunteer services。

The twelve years of the e -housekeeper team are aggressive,Practical Innovation,With rich experience and perfect system,Cultivated a large number of outstanding volunteers and technical talents,Once achieved significant results。There are two or more consultation group chats with more than a thousand people,Radiation surface wide,Many beneficiaries。At the same time,Specialized operating a foreign public account,To provide some online consultations and reservation maintenance services。2010 to 2022,Cumulative service time exceeds 1729 hours,The number of participants 2024 European Cup scheduleexceeds 600 people,Training computer maintenance volunteers 227 people,Service teachers and students more than 3,100 people,Maintenance of more than 2850 units of various computers,Save various maintenance costs for teachers and students for more than 10,000 yuan,greatly convenient for the campus life of teachers and students。E steopper's IT service studio team (project) won the first "Top Ten Projects" for the Student Union of the University of Hebei Province (Graduate Association) for the Student Union of the University of Hebei、Hebei Provincial Education System Excellent Volunteer Service Organization、Qinhuangdao City "Outstanding Youth Volunteer Service Collective"、Qinhuangdao City "Excellent Volunteer Service Team"、Northeast University Qinhuangdao Branch 54th Red Flag Collective、Qinhuangdao City "The Most Beautiful Youth Anti -Epidemic Collective"、Northeast University Qinhuangdao Branch Outstanding Volunteer Service Project and other honorary titles,It is the only public welfare volunteer service organization that volunteers provide computer technology support。"Finding E -steward with a computer" has also 2024 European Cup live scoresbecome the most effective solution to most computer problems in the school、Quick way。

E steward IT service studio also extensively absorb experience,Listen to relevant suggestions,and plan the future development of the project。

In service mode,E steward IT service studio has set up its own network platform。Now perform final function debugging the platform,and expected to be put into use in the second half of 2023,I hope that through the Internet platform, the project can provide a wide range of services such as computer maintenance,Simplified related processes,Improve service efficiency。In terms of service objects,The studio is constantly walking out of the campus,Volunteer services to provide computer maintenance and consultation in the community。Further expansion of social radiation surfaces and beneficiaries,Contribution to society is a force that belongs to contemporary youth。

Future,E stew team will not forget the original heart,Study forward,further fulfilling the solemn commitment to "find a computer problem to find the E housekeeper",Implement the service concept of "I do practical things for teachers and students"EURO 2024 Qualifiers,Responsible for the social responsibility of the college student group,Demonstrate the mission and responsibility of colleges and universities in the new era,Build a great Chinese dream with actual actions!

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