April 28,Northeast University 2024 European Cup standingsQinhuangdao Branch 37th Games successfully closed at the West Stadium。Vice President Zhao Yong,Deputy Secretary of the School Party Committee、Disciplinary Committee Secretary Cao Honggang,Vice President Wang Leizhen,The person in charge of each functional department and the responsible comrades of various colleges attended the closing ceremony and presented awards to the winners。Spring light,The seeds of love,East Qin campus blooming flowers,We are full of enthusiasm for work students,Release 2024 European Cup live scoreslove,Dedicated to the beautiful East Qin 2024 European Cup football scorescampus,Leave youthful and regretful! Before a hundred years,Let's set off。Today in a century later,We are still on the road。Strive to be a new youth,Learn new ideas,Establish a report to the country,Dedicated to the party! Centennial East University,Time -long new,The worker will forget to fight,Satisfied the answer to the century -old celebration! White Mountain Songtao Song,Blackwater Wave and Ming。The four characters of Northeast University are reflected in the eye,Self -improvement,The school EURO 2024 Qualifiersmotto of the unity of Zhixing,Speaking of us to move 2024 European Cup football scoresforward! look!,will guide us ... finally,Our hospital has won the second place in the total score of the group and the second place in the faculty group,The first team of the work is ranked third in the teams of each court。

2024 European Cup football scores

2024 European Cup live scores

2024 European Cup standings

2024 European Cup schedule

EURO 2024 Qualifiers

EURO 2024 Qualifiers


"Sports is strong, China is strong,The General Secretary of the General Secretary of the Sports Xing Xing ",My college students are learning while learning,Still brave on the track and field,The complete end of the sports meeting is the motivation for all teachers and students of our hospital 2024 European Cup live scoresto continue to move forward。

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