May 21,Hosted by Hebei Provincial Department of Education、The 7th Hebei Provincial College Student Procedure Design Competition hosted by the Qinhuangdao Branch of Northeast University has come to an end in our school。This competition attracted from261 detachment of 55 universities inside and outside the provinceWu EURO 2024 QualifiersTongtai 2024 European Cup football scoresCompetition,Nearly 100 volunteers of each college participated in all aspects of the competition,Make sure the event runs smoothly and orderly。

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Hebei Provincial College Student Program Design Competition is an annual discipline competition for college students in the province,It is a provincial component of the Chinese University Student Program Design Competition (CCPC)。As a contractor,My school does a good job of the event,Strictly regulate the competition program,Volunteers are scattered at various test sites for monitoring,and arrange volunteers in the science and technology building 4069 to conduct online real -time investigation through the cloud system,Realized the entire process of online and offline cooperation to monitor the entire process,Provide 2024 European Cup football scores2024 European Cup standingsa solid guarantee for the fairness and fairness of the event。


5Month, the evening of the 19th,Teacher Wang Hexing conducted on -site teaching training on all volunteers in the Science and Technology Building 9024,Fang Jianjie, Chairman of the Planning and Creation Association,The person in charge of the competition department Qin Haiqi leads the volunteer order in order、Organized venue,Place a stool、Equipment,Review information,Sorting items,Showing the Northeast University Qinhuangdao Branch of Northeast University attaches great importance to this competition and contestants。

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5In the warm -up match held on the afternoon of the 20th,,Under the patient guidance of our school volunteers,Players are all present。Our school hosted the team to make a detailed answer to some questions in the warm EURO 2024 QualifiersEURO 2024 Qualifiers-up match and the doubts raised by the players,Fully provide high -quality services for the players participating in this competition。

May 21,The game officially kicked off,Players buried the topic,sincere unity,From time to time, there are volunteers sent to celebrate the correct answers,To motivate the players to make persistent efforts,Yongchuang Gaming。At noon,Volunteers send intimate lunch for each player,Energy that guarantees players in the afternoon。2 pm,The competition is officially ended,Volunteers serve the whole process to help the players get good results in this competition。

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Our school started and hosted the first Hebei Provincial College Student Procedure Design Competition in 2017,and host this event for seven consecutive years,Continuously expand the participation and 2024 European Cup live scores2024 European Cup standingsradiation surface of the competition,Cultivation of the ability to design and innovate the program design of college students in Hebei Province,To conform to national policy,Cultivate more talents in the field of high -quality computer technology to make outstanding contributions。

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