2024 European Cup schedule[According to words] He Zhen from the minority gathering area of ​​Guizhou Province。During school,He studied hard,Actively participate in the science and technology competition,Many scholarships and science and technology competition awards have been won many times,After graduation, choose to go to the grassroots、Given the grassroots、Serving the people,I have obtained the selection of Guizhou Province,Try to do practical things for the people in the hometown、Do good deeds,Showing the state of determination to work hard、Persist in charge first、The new era youth style of serving the people。

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He Yan,Male,Member of the Communist Party of China,Tu Family,Northeast University Qinhuangdao Branch Computer and Communication Engineering School 2017 IoT Engineering Student。During the school, he served as Deputy Minister of the Research Department of the School Student Union,Obtaining a school comprehensive scholarship many times、School Innovation and Entrepreneurship Scholarship; Actively participate in the science and technology competition,Once won the provincial second prize of the National College Student Electronic Design Competition、National University 2024 European Cup scheduleStudent Smart Car Competition North China Division Outstanding Award。After graduation,His original heart has no regrets to take root at the grassroots level,Application for the selection of students in the Miao and Dai Autonomous Prefecture of the Guizhou southeast of Guizhou Province,It was assigned to the cadre of the village in Holy Village, Rongjiang County,Struggle with my own learning on the front line,Strive to be the examinee of the new era,Dream chasers who have rooted at the grassroots level,Let the youth scroll depict at the grassroots level,Let the dream of youth bloom at the grassroots level。

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From Guizhou Mountains to the vast North China Plain,He Yan who just entered the university will know,His life ushered in the most beautiful but most challenging journey。I learned from a classmate at a certain time at the beginning of school: The college entrance examination is the same test paper,Also came to the Qinhuangdao Branch of Northeast University,The score line of other provinces is a lot higher than Guizhou Province。This makes him feel fortunate and stressed,He knows that it is not easy for learning opportunities -it is the party and the country's college entrance examination extraction EURO 2024 Qualifierspolicy for ethnic minorities to give him the opportunity to enter school。"I received education,Not to get rid of the hometown of poverty,but to get the hometown to get rid of poverty "。He Yan who just entered school vowed secretly in his heart: must study hard,Constantly challenge yourself,Discover your potential and specialties,No matter the party's grace,Effective motherland with knowledge and skills、Give back to my hometown,Contributions to the Chinese Dream of the Great Revival of the Chinese nation。

The power of the line knows the deepening, and the depth of knowing is to become increasing

After professional learning,He Yan actively participates in science and technology competitions。He joined the school smart car laboratory,and achieved fruitful results,Won the provincial second prize of the National College Student Electronic Design Competition、National College Student Smart Automobile Competition North China Division's winning prize and other honors。He seriously learn related professional skills,Frequent teachers of professional courses、Teammates who fight together to exchange discussions together,Fighting in the laboratory all night is also his normal state。"Only continuously explore and expand your 2024 European Cup standingsprofessional field,Try and improved,can improve your comprehensive quality。"to make a smart car in the laboratory requires a lot of time and energy,More tacit cooperation with teammates,He Yan established a deep friendship with each other in the Dranda -Day of the team。

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2021,He Yan resolutely chose to respond to the national call,Application for the targeted selection of the Miao and Dai Autonomous Prefecture of the southeast of Guizhou,I hope what I learned can help build my hometown。

As a grass -roots staff,Everything that does affect the implementation of the land policy、The well -being of the people,Selected students at the grassroots level,The distance from the masses is also recent。Grassroots work made He Yan realize: serving the masses not only need to take a pragmatic route,More importantly, to sink down,"Do it right away,True Grabbing,Do it if you do it,Drifting water through stone ",Always adhere to the people -centered development idea,Serving the masses,Persist in listening to more、Multi -run、Duo。Election from representatives of the People's Congress,Go to the village director to change,From visiting poverty alleviation households to party members to send 2024 European Cup schedulewarmth,From flood resistance to the canal for disaster relief,Revitalizing a zero distance is close to the rural life, let He Yan see the simple appearance of the farmers。I also saw the practical needs of farmers。

After serving as a cadre in the village of Holy Village, Guzhou Town, Rongjiang County,He Yan uses his own professional advantages,Actively connect with the Guizhou Southeast ICBC、China Mobile Company,Jointly give full play to functional advantages,Promoting the first counting Zhizhi Rural Command Center in Guzhou Town, Guzhou Town, Rongjiang County、Ping An Village Video Monitoring System Platform。On the deployment of the country's "speeding up 5G infrastructure construction",He gives full play to the reserve support of the state selection unit,Building the first 5G base station in Happy Village,Realize the whole village coverage 5G network。Working in the village is still continuing,He Yan will keep in mind the mission at all times,Continue to do a good job of work in the village in the new era,Knowing responsibility、Responsible for the body、Shopping responsibilities,Constantly promoting the village to work in a new level,Unremitting struggle to achieve the goal of rural revitalization。

No matter where the future is,He Yan will always 2024 European Cup football scorespractice "self -improvement、The spirit of the school motto of Zhiyi ",Take every step of life,Report the motherland、Service People's,Integrate personal ideal pursuit into the great journey of national rejuvenation,Contribute youth for the comprehensive construction of a socialist modern country。

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