Create a century -old merit, Lai Jiji Shi Xian, Tao Li Fangfang overflows the seas.

Hundred Zai Segments, Hundred Zai Glory, Bless East University!

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April 26, 1923, Northeast University was formally established.

April 26, 2023,Facing the first ray of dawn of the land of Shenzhou,In the majestic "The Volunteer March",A brand -new five -star red flag is rising over Tiananmen SquareStarting。2024 European Cup football scoresThis national flag number 2023-0116 was officially EURO 2024 Qualifierspresented to Northeast University。This beautiful "Chinese Red",Telling the most sincere voices of East East for the motherland,Is the most proud color in the hearts of the East,The teachers and students of our hospital vowed to continue to write a century of glory with red blood。


2024 European Cup standings: Bow every century -old birthday,"Happy birthday to the century -old East University",Towards Dongda,Hundred Years of Portuction。I am East,A century -old vicissitudes of mulberry field,I was fortunate to have witnessed the transformation and innovation of the School of Computer and Communication Engineering,I was fortunate to participate in the hospital departmentDisciplineBuilding 2024 European Cup standingsevery bit。Looking back,We do not forget the original 2024 European Cup live scoresheart to stand up to the tree;,We all have to make self -improvement。

Electronic Information 2204 Regiment Branch-Cao WenyiRed Flag Hunt,Color flag fluttering。Growth in the national underworld,Bathing in the spring breeze,Take a photo with the same national flag,Both make me feel honored,Another time I experienced a baptism of my soul,At this red under the red,I feel the prosperity of the motherland,I also lament that the personal happiness is not easy,Five -star Red Flag is always the most shiny flag in my heart,As a young man,Self -de -to -laws,Contribute to the Motherland's Fairview of the Motherland!

Computer category 2202 regiment branch-Zeng XuTaking a photo with the flag is a very meaningful thing,It can arouse our EURO 2024 Qualifiersstrong patriotic feelings。When 2024 European Cup standingswe stand next to the national flag,Can't help but be surging,Feel the strong national power and a strong sense of glory。With the love and blessing of the motherland,Go forward to a better tomorrow! Take a photo with the national flag,It is a promise and a firm determination,The motherland of the heart,Heart people,For the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people,Working hard,Continuous innovation,Efforts to become the talents needed by the country and the people。

Electronic Information 2208 Regiment Branch-Mao LiningThe moment I took a photo with the national flag,Men in my heart。I feel that the motherland is eliminated、Following the past、The great spirit of continuing struggle,Applauding the great achievements 2024 European Cup football scoresof China from the heart。From now on,I will 2024 European Cup live scoresstudy harder,Contribute your own strength to the prosperity of the motherland!

Electronic Information 2208 Regiment Branch-Fangshi SealIn this group photo with the national flag,The students actively participated,Despite the hot sun,It is still difficult to reduce the enthusiasm of students。The national flag is the belief of youth,It is the power of unity -we stand around the national flag,Writing the youth of the youth。

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